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Summary of the Voice Browser Working Group Face to Face Meeting, June 16-17, Somerset, NJ, USA

From: Dan Burnett <dburnett@voxeo.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 14:30:34 -0400
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On June 16th and 17th, 2010, the Voice Browser Working Group held its
second face-to-face meeting of the year.  OpenStream graciously hosted
the workshop in Somerset, New Jersey, providing us with fabulous
facilities conveniently located in the hotel, with an incredible
amount and array of food, excellent Internet access, plentiful power,
etc.  In short, OpenStream provided an excellent environment for the

There were three main topics for the meeting:  VoiceXML 3, Voice on
the Web discussions, and SCXML 1.0.

In the V3 meeting we focused heavily on one technical area:  DOM
events.  We discussed details of how execution of a VoiceXML document
could occur as a result of triggered events and event listeners,
including the relationship to transition controllers, filled
processing, and goto/submit.  We also discussed convenience syntax and
its realization in light of our thinking about eventing.

In the Voice on the Web discussion, we discussed the possibility of
creating an Incubator group to outline a speech API for HTML 5.

In the SCXML 1.0 discussion we worked on writing assertions and tests
for the <state> element to help us understand what we would need in
our test infrastructure for the Implementation Report tests.

Other updates:
CCXML 1.0:  the group is close to releasing an updated CCXML IR test  
suite and expects to transition rapidly to Proposed Recommendation and  
Recommendation later this year.
VoiceXML 3:  the next draft is scheduled to be published in August.
SCXML 1.0:  either the next draft or the one after is likely to be the  
Last Call Working Draft since the number of technical issues remaining  
is small.

Dan Burnett
for Jim Larson, Co-Chair of the VBWG
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