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Re: April CCXML: 3 bugs in 7_1.txml - [cc] ISSUE-697

From: Baggia Paolo <paolo.baggia@loquendo.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 10:07:26 +0200
To: Chris Davis <davisc@iivip.com>
CC: Baggia Paolo <paolo.baggia@loquendo.com>, RJ Auburn <rj@voxeo.com>, "W3C Voice Browser Working Group" <w3c-voice-wg@w3.org>, www-voice <www-voice@w3.org>
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We are in the process to address all ISSUES related to IR. The goal is to re-publish the CCXML-IR in a short term.
Please explicitly confirm that you accept the proposed resolution or after one week we will consider implicitly accepted the resolution. If you need clarification, please ask them very soon.

Paolo Baggia
Author of CCXML-IR Plan


Here are the resolutions for your theree issues:

1. Right tests will be fixed to be strings.

2. The Spec will be fixed to define immediate attribute to be of type ECMAScript Boolean expression, like other similar attributes, so that, the default value and description values will remain the same. With this resolution the test don't need to be changed.

3. Fine, we will add the conference.unjoined event, but only after the <dialogstart>, if only a <dialogprepare> is sent, no such event must be returned.

This is ISSUE-697

RJ Auburn
CTO, Voxeo Corporation

On May 12, 2010, at 4:33 PM, Chris Davis wrote:

> Hello www-voice,
> 1) maxage and maxstale attributes of the <dialogprepare> tag are supposed to
> be strings, so
> <dialogprepare src="VxmlFile + '.' + 'vxml' " dialogid="DialogID" connectionid="ConnectionID" maxage="5" maxstale="10" type="'application/voicexml+xml'" method="'GE' + 'T'" enctype="'application/x-www-form' + '-urlencoded'" parameters="param1 param2 param3"/>
> should instead be
> <dialogprepare src="VxmlFile + '.' + 'vxml' " dialogid="DialogID" connectionid="ConnectionID" maxage="'5'" maxstale="'10'" type="'application/voicexml+xml'" method="'GE' + 'T'" enctype="'application/x-www-form' + '-urlencoded'" parameters="param1 param2 param3"/>
> 2) the immediate attribute of <dialogterminate> is supposed to be a string, not boolean so
> <dialogterminate dialogid="DialogID" immediate="true"/>
> should instead be
> <dialogterminate dialogid="DialogID" immediate="'true'"/>
> (same where it is false)
> 3) There is no transition handler to catch and ignore conference.unjoined, so the test logic
> gets screwed up by queuing events out of order.
> Regards,
> Chris
> -- 
> Chris Davis
> Interact Incorporated R&D
> 512-502-9969x117
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