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RE: VoiceXML conformance test

From: Dr. Dirk Schnelle-Walka <dirk.schnelle@jvoicexml.org>
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 09:00:27 +0200
To: "Erhart, George W (George)" <gerhart@avaya.com>
Cc: Ian Sutherland <ian.sutherland@oracle.com>, www-voice@w3.org
Message-Id: <1243321227.18878.8.camel@localhost.localdomain>
Hi George and Ian,

Thanks for the clarification.

> I think the confusion is that the original Implementation Report (IR)
> tests are still up. I believe that those tests do contain references
> to the Tell-Me website. 

Yes, this is true.

> These are NOT the conformance test. The current release candidate for
> VXML 2.0, VXML 2.1, and SRGS 1.0 is available from the VXML Forum web
> site. To download the test suite, you must login to the members portal
> and navigate to the Conformance->Files area.
> If you find incorrect URL references in the current release candidate,
> we definitely want to know ASAP.

My problem with these tests is that they require a membership. Our
implementation of a Voice browser is open source and is not being
sponsored or supported by a company. So I do not have the money to
become a member. Without the chance to earn money with my project I
would have to pay it on my own.

I have the impression that there is no room in the VoiceXML forum for
projects like ours. I do not want to start a discussion about that but I
I think that it would be good for us to leave the tests there.

Since I did not have access to the restricted area at the VoiceXML forum
I was looking for a different solution to ensure that our
implementations follows the spec and ended up with this test suite. In
fact we found a lot of open issues with it, so it helped us a lot.

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