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Re: Re: Matching a choice grammar

From: <raxitsheth2000@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 09:09:02 +0000
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To: Pavel Cenek <cenek@optimsys.cz>, raxitsheth2000@gmail.com, Rajesh N <rajeshn@huawei.com>, www-voice@w3.org, ranjit@huawei.com
> The problem is that there is no definition of the "menu grammar" term. The

the term "Menu grammar" is in context of ***Grammar scope*** and not in  
context of XML Schema/XSD/parent/child etc.
It may not be direct children, it may be indirect children and hence may  
fall in "Scope" for Menu grammar

> text you cited could suggest that there can be some grammars placed as
> direct children of the <menu> tag. These could be called "menu grammars".
> However, this is not true - see the following snipped of the VoiceXML 2.0
> schema (available at

it may be ....
<grammar some stuff. not exact syntax !!! >

Anyway as i describe above, one should not check this stuff with xml  
schmea/dtd etc as this is in context of "Grammar scope".

> Then the "Grammars contained in menu choices cannot specify a scope; if
> they do, an error.badfetch is thrown." sentence implies that they cannot
> specify a scope because the scope for them is specified globally in the
> respective <menu> tag.

I think above para will be out of context (or there is no ambiguity in that  
part of the spec.)

-Raxit Sheth
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