RE: erratum in VXML2.0: s/intraspect/inspect/

Not sure if it is acceptable in this forum, but I am looking for
software or to be pointed in the right direction.  I work in the IT dept
at a hospital and what we are looking for is a way to have our
housekeeping dept dial in and by pushing the keypad on the phone with
the room number, let registration know that the room is ready for
occupation. Example is they clean room 201, so they key 201 into the
phone, then it prompts for the bed (1 or 2) the computer then creates a
simple text file which by running a batch sends it to my AS400 for
registration to send a patient to the room.  ANY ideas or help would be
VERY appreciated.
Blaine Cash
IT Project Manager
Skaggs Community Health Center
Branson Missouri

"If you have 39 odds and ends and 38 of them roll off the table, what
you left with, an odd or an end?"

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Subject: erratum in VXML2.0: s/intraspect/inspect/
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Proposal for addition to VXML2.0 errata page, which is linked to
from "current version" at follows:

the VXML2.0 spec currently says
"HTTP 1.1 allows document intraspection (see [RFC2616], section 7.2.1)"
in section and also uses the word "intraspect" as a verb in
table 30.

That section of RFC2616 is concerned with "inspection" of messages
content-type headers.

Please record as an erratum that both instances of "intraspect" should
be read "inspect".

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