Open Position at W3C: Voice Browser Specialist

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                Open Position: Voice Browser Specialist


   The [2]World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is looking for a new staff
   member to assist with W3C's work as team contact. This is an
   opportunity for a unique individual to be part of the team
   responsible for the design of next generation World Wide Web
   Technologies and to lead a variety of industry and user groups
   toward the development of technologies that enhance the
   functionality of the Web.


   The role of a W3C team contact is described in the [3]W3C process.
   We are primarily seeking candidates for the [4]Voice Browser
   activity, but candidates with qualifications for [5]other activities
   in W3C's Ubiquitous Web domain are also encouraged to apply.


   You will be associated with the French W3C host [6]ERCIM, in
   Sophia-Antipolis, but you may choose to work remotely. You will have
   to travel often, to Working Group meetings or conferences as well as
   to the other W3C hosts, located at MIT in Boston, USA and at Keio
   University in Fujisawa, Japan.



     * Architectural & technical leadership: provide guidance to
       technical Working Groups in the design and evolution of the Web
     * Working Group support: help Working Groups to publish
       specifications, to follow the W3C Process, and to coordinate
       with other groups within or external to W3C
     * Consensus building: work with W3C members so that Working Groups
       produce universal standards for the Web.
     * Evangelism: Build support among user and vendor communities for
       Web technologies by illustrating the benefits to those


   As the recognized leader for the technical development of the World
   Wide Web, we are seeking an individual with both Web technology and
   project management experience, a good understanding of the Web
   industry, eagerness to make the Web an even better framework for
   building distributed applications, and enthusiasm for the [7]mission
   and spirit of W3C.
     * You have a background in computer science and software
       engineering, with experience in dialogue systems, speech
       recognition or other in areas related to [8]other activities in
       W3C's Ubiquitous Web domain
     * You are familiar with up-to-date Web technology, in particular
       with respect to XML and speech-related technologies
     * Experience with multimodal interaction and use of Web
       technologies for embedded applications is a plus (home
       appliances, automotive, ...)
     * You have a good sense of the Web industry, its market, practices
       and product development cycle
     * You have good written and spoken competency in the working
       language of the W3C, English, and knowledge and practical
       experience of other languages and cultures
     * You have good communication skills, both written and oral
     * You are free to travel internationally on a monthly basis


   Screening of applications will begin immediately and will continue
   until the position is filled. To apply, please send a motivation
   letter and your resume or CV in electronic form to


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