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Actually, I guess I need to provide better explanation of the situation.
It's not about writing a script where field doesn't have a prompt. It's
about translating such a script for the platform that performs it. I
actually don't know why someone may need field without a prompt, but as
you confirmed, it is possible. And it's also possible that no <catch>
elements are specified within the field. So, in accordance with table in
section 5.2.5, if nomatch or noinput event occures I need to reprompt.
And the most interesting question is what should I do in this situation,
when I have a script with field that has no prompt and no event
handlers, and I need to reprompt?



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Hi !


Without not going into the reasons reasons to do field item without
prompt;, Yes. Field item can exist without any prompt. In fact the
prompts before the collection to that fields starts can be queued from
other elements processed during FIA collect phase. But if you indeed
have a field item without any prompts and reprompt request occurs
nothing is putted to prompt queue and thus nothing is prompted. In this
case you should use event counts to define amount of events
like"nomatch" can occur in that field. In  my example this count is 3.


<nomatch count="3">

    <-- executed when event nomatch is thrown 3rd time while the
collecting this field -->

    <prompt> Sorry I could not really under stand you, bye </prompt>

    <-- lets disconnect the phone call-->




You should probably do something more clever in here. Studying FIA helps
a lot to understand the VoiceXML process / collect loop that plays a big
role in this question too. If form has more field items that you want to
collect you may use cond or filling this particulars field item to make
FIA to skip its collect.


The interesting part in here is the "timeout", but that's another story


- Teemu


(oh I see that you got some answer already but..)



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Hello. My name is Anastasia and I have a question about the

In 2.4.1 there's a sentense: Each field can have one or more prompts.

Can you clear to me, whether it is possible that field have no prompts
at all?

If this is really possible, what should I do when nomatch or noinput
event occures and I have to reprompt?

Is it an infinite loop till user says something matching a grammar, or I
should throw an error?

Thank you in advance.


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