Setting grammars programmatically

Hi list,

maybe I'm doing something wrong but my VoiceXML code tends to get a hell
of a lot redundant.  I use subdialogs, event-handling and XML macros
(courtesy of a nice XSLT hack) to factor out common code as much as
possible.  Unfortunately there are many cases where I could use
subdialogs when it was possible to parameterize them with grammars.
Whereas it's possible to pass a grammar to a subdialog, the grammar
element doesn't provide means for defining grammars programmatically.
(Srcexpr is applicable in some situations but in others the grammar
cannot be determined until runtime, so that srcexpr isn't very helpful.)
What's missing here is an expr attribute as provided by other elements.

I can think of many situations beyond subdialogs where expr could be
beneficially used.  Since VoiceXML 2.1 already introduced the srcexpr
attribute for the grammar element, I suspect that there are no technical
reasons that rule out a expr attribute.  Therefore I humbly propose to
add it in some future version of VoiceXML.


    Titus v.d. Malsburg

Received on Tuesday, 10 October 2006 17:22:38 UTC