R: PLS Last Call Comment From WAI/PF (R104)

Dear Janina and Dave,

We accepted your comment, because we completely agree that
would be very nice to see PLS widely adopted and do not
restrict it to SRGS and SSML. These two spec are the first
use cases for PLS but many other can arrive.

The possible resolution is to say what you asked directly
in the introduction section of the spec. 

We thought you were better able than us to write it,
because your are more expert of other user agents, such
as screen readers, etc.

If you prefer that we will write the paragraph and then
you will review it. We will do that. Let me know.

As about the text to be added in the next
round, we are in the process to discuss all the comments
received from other WGs or single persons. Many of
them have been accepted, a few are under discussion and
some have been deferred or rejected. As soon as this
process will be finished, we will produce another
working draft which will include all the accepted
comments, like yours and many others.

Some features have been deferred to a "future version",
this means they won't be part of PLS 1.0, but they
will be considered requirements for a future version
of PLS. 

As the author of PLS, I hope there will be a "next
version" of the spec, but we are focused to finish
PLS 1.0 first and to have it adopted by Voice
Browsers and other user agents.

Paolo Baggia, editor PLS spec

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Oggetto: Re: PLS Last Call Comment From WAI/PF (R104)

On 27/07/06, Baggia Paolo <paolo.baggia@loquendo.com> wrote:
> Dear Janina,
> Thanks for your interesting comment.
> A possible resolution would be to add a paragraph into Section 1 [1]
> that describes the scenario you mentioned.
> We think the best would be if you can propose a paragraph and we will
> review it.

Isn't the WG capable of generating text based on user input?

I notice the new requirements totally ignore the comments
previously submitted and deferred on the grounds that
'they will be included in the next round'.

Why not admit this is an implementors WG
and have done with it?

Dave Pawson

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