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[admin]: Response to Change Request R415 ( Cont.. Ignore the first )

From: Scott McGlashan <scott.mcglashan@pipebeach.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 19:18:56 +0100
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From: Teemu Tingander [mailto:Teemu.Tingander@tecnomen.fi] 
Sent: Monday, June 24, 2002 07:59
To: Scott McGlashan
Subject: RE: Response to Change Request R415 ( Cont.. Ignore the first )

Plese ignore the first message..


Lets hope that this comes in time, i dont want to delay the spec. :)

Finally I found these ( R415,R418,R426 )..  Some Rules took them to
place where the should have not gone ;( Im happy with R415, except that
I want to clarify the Second question about <submit with empty

Case was this :

	<field name="order" />
		<prompt> Make Your Order </prompt>
		<grammar mode="voice" src="order.grxml"
			<submit src="someurl" mode="???">

	So if the order is filled with structured object like :
	order: {
	     drink: "coke"
		     pizza: {
		          number: "3"
		          size: "large"
	           	    topping: [ "pepperoni"; "mushrooms" ]

	what is the correct way to create POST request and GET request..

	like in GET:


	Issues rise on arrays (order?); should they be numbered etc. ?

	The post request is more complicated to write so i leave it of
from here

	So that was the case.

	The event issue was the case in R426. and this R415 answered it
well, but it also leaves us in quite bad situation while
some kind of loggin int top-level-publsihing-system. This is what R426
tried to point. If the caller disconnected 	during transfer or
is it underlying paltforms responsibility to determine what to do ? 
	Just a few examples tha can be terminated by hangup, but still
considered as OK,
		- knowing how long the phone-call was during transfer.
		- if we want to store the record if recording was more
than 3s long

	This was the first case in R426

	Document transition and how it affects on ECMAScript side is not
clear yet in last public draft. 

	Few comments for tha case R426 LINKS (CHOICES) AND CATCHES,
would be
ok, i really se it as a neat feature to be able to generate 	log
performing link etc.

	Case R418 is closed. 

	New Case: <property>.. taken from spec. (24 April 2002)

	What is the scoping of properties ? how many, what is the top(
field? ) scope. And expr for property would be nice and very 
	usefull while tuning ASR throught <properties>.  Should property
reset back what it was in previous scope! or scope attribute for 
	<property > like scope (universal | document | form | dialog |
location) "location" what specifies how "deeply" it affects.

<?xml version="1.0"?> 
	<vxml version="2.0" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/vxml"> 
		<property name="noicefilter" value="small"/> 
		<form id="first">
			<field name="location"> 
				<property name="noicefilter"
      			<prompt> Say the location of the person you
like to call. </prompt> 
					<if expr="location$.noicelevel >
						<!-- property
name="noicefilter" value="huge"/ -->

						<prompt> Please
						<goto next="#second">
			<! -- second case how it should work if filled
be here >
		<form id="second">
			<! -- it would be nice to have that propery as
"huge" here by default if it is noicy env.! -->
			<field name="location"> 
      			<prompt> Say the second location of the person
you would like to call. </prompt> 
			<filled next="#second">
	is the flow following

	1- setProperty ( DOC.scope, "noicefilter", "small" )
	2- setProperty ( FIELD.scope, "noicefilter", "large" )	
	3- Say the location of the person you would like to call. 	
	4(?)- Field gets filled, with high noice level (just example
shadow variable, could be confidence or... )
	5 - FIA exits field scope, goes 2 form scope 
	6 - propery noicefilter resets to small, cause it was it in doc
	7 - FIA searches field location, enters it and sets setProperty
( FIELD.scope, "noicefilter", "large" )
	8 - gets filled, executes, goes to #second
	9 - propery noicefilter resets to small, cause it was it in doc
	10 - ....

	Is this what You had in mind ?

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