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RE: Hidden field

From: Abhilash_Shanmugham <Abhilash_Shanmugham@Satyam.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 17:08:47 +0530
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To: "'Claes Borovac '" <Claes.Borovac@MobileAware.com>, "'www-voice@w3.org '" <www-voice@w3.org>

Dear Claes
This should not be a problem ,Just assign them to variables and remember to
keep posting the pages with data captured along with your hidden values (
you can store it in any variable and keep passing it along) 
but remember that the output of the scripts that you post should return VXML
files whihc persist the hidden value 


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From: Claes Borovac
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Subject: Hidden field

Can I in Voice xml do something like hidden fields in html forms?
I want a session id to be "posted" with the submit but can't figure out
how to do this.
What I want to do is to set a "key value" pair that will not be changed
by the client.
I am completely new to voicexml so sorry for the probably very basic

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