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VoiceXML dialog interruption

From: FOREST Laurent <lforest@toronto.sema.slb.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 18:06:26 -0500
Message-ID: <81E6C37A5EE1D211B1E300A0C9EBC1D301469DEB@ALPS>
To: "'www-voice@w3.org'" <www-voice@w3.org>

I have the following the requirement for my application:
while a user is in a middle of a VoiceXML dialog, I would like the
application to play a "beep" or a short text to indicate to the user that he
has just received a new message in his mailbox, or that someone is trying to
call him, or something else. In other words, I would like to interrupt the
in-progress VoiceXML dialog to notify the user of the occurence of an event
(e.g. new message delivery, new incoming call) that was not initiated by the
user nor the VoiceXML platform.
The application also needs to resume the dialog where it was interrupted.

Is there a way to do that in VoiceXML?

I looked at the VoiceXML event model (<catch>, <throw>), but I do not know
how to "catch" an external event such as "new message delivery".
Even if I could catch such an event, I do not know how to resume the dialog
where it was interrupted.

Any suggestion or idea would be very helpful.

Thank you

PS: I am fairly new to the voice browsing and VoiceXML area. I apologize if
the question is silly and/or if this is the wrong mailing list to send this
kind of questions
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