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just a question

From: by way of Susan Lesch <TheDreadedACM@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 19:20:56 -0500 (EST)
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To: www-voice@w3.org
OK,  I'm pretty sure I'm emailing the wrong person so maybe you could 
point me in right direction for this question.  Why isn't there some 
kind of web script that a browser can register diffrent symbols as 
diffrent sounds.  Sort of like that mac program simple text or 
something.  My idea is that a script would look like...

<script language="speach">
<voice type="boy" Pitch="7" distortion="2">
This text would be sounded out for the browser to say through the speakers
a pause could be added through a tag like <pause time="5"> and then 
would start speaking again after five seconds.
<voice type="girl" pitch="9" distortion="1">
I added the voice tag so that simulated converstions could be played 
out on browsers.  (returns will make no diffrence like in HTML 
periods and commas should cause short pauses)
I figure that pitch and distortion could be easily changed by the 
browser so I added attributes.

Since the download would be text it wouldn't greatly affect the 
download time of sites.  I dunno how it would effect browser size but 
I don't beleive simple text is a very large file.  So I don't think 
it'd make a very large impact on memory usage.  And I geuss voice 
types could be downloaded like text types.  thought they would be 
abit larger then a font style, or atleast I'd think so.  I have 
virtualy no experience programing or I'd attempt to make browser 
plug-ins and such as demos for my idea.  Though I'm geussing 'm not 
the first to think of this so I geuss it's not my idea.  But I think 
of a day when people will here that firmiliar "You've got mail" say 
"list mail" and here a list of who sent what.  This is far off I'm 
sure but words have always given more impact than text in my mind. 
Please tell me what you think, and please send it to the right people 
if this is not the correct person to send it to.  If you want me to 
elobor! ! ate on my idea you can reach me at thedreadedacm@aol.com or 
my ICQ# 148423598

I thank you in advanced and for taking the time to read this.  If you 
want to call me something you can call me {HEL}DarkSky which is my 
gaming nick.  Yes I'm a gamer the lower life forms of the internet. 
We're not as inteligent well some of us atleast, but we're fast and 
we don't spell well as I'm sure you've noticed.

Well thank you once again. And I look forward to a reply.
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