RE: Need to access DB in VoiceXML but not Server-side

You can definitely achieve this in SpeechObjects. In fact if I remember
correctly, Nuance V-Builder does have SpeechObjects which achieve this
functionality. However, by definition "object" tag is implementation
dependent. So you would loose portability there.
Also, some vendors have have also incorporated that functionality by
supporting component models such as ActiveX, Java Beans right from the
I would like to also understand what is the main driver for accessing
the database from within a VoiceXML document?
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 From: Tehdy Draoui 
 Sent: Fri 4/26/2002 11:13 AM 
 Subject: Need to access DB in VoiceXML but not Server-side
 Is there a solution to access a database within a VoiceXML
Script? I now you can do it server-side, with ASP, PHP, JSP, etc. but i
would like to write only VoiceXML in the script. 
 How does the <OBJECT> tag works? What about "speechobects"? Can
i design my own object and call them throw the >object> tag? It would be
nice if i could write such objects in Java, and implement JDBC to access
a DB. 
 If someone is brilliant enough to find a solution ...
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