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See also on the VoiceXML Italian User Group site www.vxmlitalia.com (for the moment only in Italian) when you will find in the next tutorial lesson (number 2), www.vxmlitalia.com/tutorial.html a description of three offline development tools (Cambridge Voice Studio, GenieTracer and GenieMigrator) and two online tools (http://cafe.bevocal.com and http://studio.tellme.com).
On this two site (bevocal and telme) you can find good voice-browser solution...

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  We are currently putting together a report on VoiceXML that will feature
  different platforms, market trends, enhanced specs and an overall perspective of
  where the technology is heading. The article will be available on CommWeb and
  will coincide with a threaded-messaging Roundtable on the same topic.

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  Check out the following link. Its the most comprehensive (independent)
  analysis of the various VXML platforms I know about. Does anyone else know
  of similar comparisons.



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  I would like to know about different VoiceXML browsers that are available
  and in which way i can
  find the one that suits best for my application.

  Is there any article available in the net that gives detailed information on
  different VoiceXML browsers and Servers?




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