WWWVL: gathering stats (usage)

> Date: Wed, 7 Dec 1994 17:26:20 +0100
> From: secret@www5.cern.ch (Arthur Secret)

> I don't mind wether we use a stat file, or comments inside the file.

> This isn't an issue for me: both solutions are easy to implement in perl.

I vote for a separate file that is either all HTML comments or sent
with a "Content-type: text/plain" HTTP header.  If it's a file of HTML
comments, the comment delimiters should be immediately stripped before
any further processing takes place (think of them as a transport layer
in a packet-switched network).

The file format should be extensible.  The first line should indicate
the revision of the file format using an RFC822-style header:

	Version: 1.0

followed by a blank line and then the stats data.  We should start
with a very general format and doesn't have much granularity in the
stats data.  Over time we can introduce more granularity and bump the
version number.  No need to work it all out in advance -- that only
leads to analysis paralysis.

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