Feed Validator / Broken links, missing Code, unclear errors


I hope I'm at a place here to ask questions about the W3C feed

I was informed that some RSS readers seem to have problems with my
blog's feed, which is based on the software serendipity.

Both by personal and Serendipity's upstream feed blog give an error:

However it's not a very helpful one ("An error occurred while trying to
validate this feed").

Furthermore it says
"If the feed exists, the server is fine, and the problem is
reproducible, let us know on the feedvalidator-users mailing list."

However the link to the feedvalidator-users mailing list leads to an

I was wondering about the code of the validator.
The "About" page at
says I need Python 2.2 to run it and points to a CVS repo - which
doesn't exist either.

I just noticed that there's another link in the footer pointing to a
github repo.

Can someone fix those broken links and references?

Hanno Böck

Received on Friday, 1 May 2020 16:31:28 UTC