Re: validator issue for <title>

Hi Cat

I can’t see the problem happening now, so looks like it’s been fixed.

Errors like this in what looks like the head element often means a stray character or an element like <span> or <div> has appeared earlier in the head and triggered the start of the body element. This happens because both head and body start/end tags are optional in HTML5, so non-head text or elements close the head element and start the body element.

For example, the stray full stop here ends the head after meta charset and triggers the title error you saw:

<meta charset='utf-8'>.

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From: Catherine Ailanjian <>
Date: Wednesday, 10 June 2020 at 21:12
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Subject: validator issue for <title>
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Hello –

I’m running the Nu Html Checker using the bookmarklets for checking serialized DOM and then filtering for WCAG 2.0 on this webpage:

We are receiving the following nesting error:

Error: Element title<> not allowed as child of element body<> in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)

From line 259, column 2; to line 259, column 8<>

ink -->↩ <title>Wester
Contexts in which element title<> may be used:
In a head<> element containing no other title<> elements.
Content model for element body<>:
Flow content<>.

However, the title element is being used above the body element in the code.  Why is error being displayed?

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