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Re: Why was Dave Raggett given the job with w3c, if nobody is interested.

From: Eric Richards <2eric.richards@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2018 10:41:21 +1200
Message-ID: <CA+Dr9BaCzOx=bfCR-VUi6JJ8Ejm1Xa_BL+adV+ffYqfocnRdEA@mail.gmail.com>
To: Anna Marie Golden <amgolden@uw.edu>
Cc: www-validator@w3.org
have nice day i did not start the insult

On 4/27/18, Anna Marie Golden <amgolden@uw.edu> wrote:
> Maybe you should start by apologizing for your nasty comment Eric because
> not only was it insulting and inappropriate, it was also very ableist in
> nature.
> On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 10:37 AM, Eric Richards <2eric.richards@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Dear W3C group.
>> I only came here and joined the group to make sure I can get a website to
>> validate on the W3C validate, and report problems if needed and that has
>> been all I have done. One problem never got fixed, but thats what you
>> get,
>> and it only a worthless point, so lets move on.
>> And was hoping joining the group could help either because of my
>> misunderstanding of the HTML code CSS code or else the W3C validator has
>> not been correctly set up and gives a error when the web page is
>> correctly
>> written.
>> I can write a web page that not only passes the W3C html validator & the
>> CSS validator, (sometimes in fact I do not think I have started a page
>> that
>> passes error free the first time, but that is beside the point.)
>> The next test is to make sure that after the errors that has been
>> corrected, the page not only displays back on a desktop, laptop computer
>> to
>> see it displays correct as I would want other website visitors to see it,
>> but also my small screen cell phone and tablets etc only because my
>> website
>> visitor records show more and more visitors are coming to my website with
>> smaller screens.
>> *The point of me making postings recently is because it has become
>> obvious
>> that if my website passes the validator error free, then it always
>> displays
>> without error on my cellphone, so when I use my cell phone on a search
>> engine to find a website and the page does not display correct I have
>> found
>> when I put that URL into a validtor then it shows that webpage has HTML
>> errors on.*
>> *$$$_BINGO!!!!_$$$ *
>> *There is nothing wrong with the technology!! it is webmasters are
>> putting
>> up web pages for one reason or another that has HTML errors on it.*
>> *$$$_BINGO!!!!_$$$ next game #2 *
>> *If my cell phone could not display my own web page that passes W3C
>> validator, I would either throw the cell phone into the nearest rubbish
>> bin
>> and go out and buy a new cell phone or carry on using it the best I could
>> and Shut up and not post here wasting your valuable time reading about
>> these time wasting issues.*
>> *$$$_BINGO!!!!_$$$ next game #3*
>> *I am only having a wild guess now, that because you belong to this
>> group,
>> then you have taken the time and trouble and sometime could have added
>> frustration to see that your pages is HTML error free and because of that
>> your web page and will display correct on my cellphone if I find your web
>> site via a search engine on my cellphone.*
>> *I just posted a issue that needs to fixed from logical steps I have
>> noticed, after all why was Dave Raggett given the job to make the first
>> DOS
>> type validator? and maybe it was my fault I did not offer a possible
>> solution to go with that first posting. *
>> *Someone replied an as I read it someone basically said you are a jerk
>> you
>> are wasting my time talking about a issue because you are using the wrong
>> technology.*
>> *And then it just got worse.*
>> *This group was set up to fix things nothing more nothing less. And if we
>> all focus on fixing things and not go step by step insulting, then this
>> group can only go from strength to strength making this HTML code for
>> technology better off . *


>From Eric

I like watching health programs on TV, it is the only value entertainment.

I get upset they never define, Fats, Sugar, Salt or Carbohydrates if it is
health version bad or sometimes toxic.
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