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Why was Dave Raggett given the job with w3c, if nobody is interested.

From: Eric Richards <2eric.richards@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2018 05:37:53 +1200
Message-ID: <CA+Dr9BbpJBYpg_OLpoUHBt_G-+-3J-m7ks57Vu0vwTe4=oj8JA@mail.gmail.com>
To: www-validator Community <www-validator@w3.org>
Dear W3C group.

I only came here and joined the group to make sure I can get a website to
validate on the W3C validate, and report problems if needed and that has
been all I have done. One problem never got fixed, but thats what you get,
and it only a worthless point, so lets move on.

And was hoping joining the group could help either because of my
misunderstanding of the HTML code CSS code or else the W3C validator has
not been correctly set up and gives a error when the web page is correctly

I can write a web page that not only passes the W3C html validator & the
CSS validator, (sometimes in fact I do not think I have started a page that
passes error free the first time, but that is beside the point.)

The next test is to make sure that after the errors that has been
corrected, the page not only displays back on a desktop, laptop computer to
see it displays correct as I would want other website visitors to see it,
but also my small screen cell phone and tablets etc only because my website
visitor records show more and more visitors are coming to my website with
smaller screens.

*The point of me making postings recently is because it has become obvious
that if my website passes the validator error free, then it always displays
without error on my cellphone, so when I use my cell phone on a search
engine to find a website and the page does not display correct I have found
when I put that URL into a validtor then it shows that webpage has HTML
errors on.*

*$$$_BINGO!!!!_$$$ *

*There is nothing wrong with the technology!! it is webmasters are putting
up web pages for one reason or another that has HTML errors on it.*

*$$$_BINGO!!!!_$$$ next game #2 *

*If my cell phone could not display my own web page that passes W3C
validator, I would either throw the cell phone into the nearest rubbish bin
and go out and buy a new cell phone or carry on using it the best I could
and Shut up and not post here wasting your valuable time reading about
these time wasting issues.*

*$$$_BINGO!!!!_$$$ next game #3*

*I am only having a wild guess now, that because you belong to this group,
then you have taken the time and trouble and sometime could have added
frustration to see that your pages is HTML error free and because of that
your web page and will display correct on my cellphone if I find your web
site via a search engine on my cellphone.*


*I just posted a issue that needs to fixed from logical steps I have
noticed, after all why was Dave Raggett given the job to make the first DOS
type validator? and maybe it was my fault I did not offer a possible
solution to go with that first posting. *

*Someone replied an as I read it someone basically said you are a jerk you
are wasting my time talking about a issue because you are using the wrong

*And then it just got worse.*


*This group was set up to fix things nothing more nothing less. And if we
all focus on fixing things and not go step by step insulting, then this
group can only go from strength to strength making this HTML code for
technology better off . *
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