RE: Issue in validator ?

"<!--comment in script with false" is not valid in JavaScript nor is it a JavaScript comment.
As a result the validator sees the opening <script> tag then it sees some internal content that should be ignored because it is inside of the script tag, it then encounters the <!-- tag and is then expected the next tag encountered to be the closing tag for <!-- but instead encounters the </script> tag, so it does not have a chance to encounter the --> tag.

Ways to resolve:
Use the JavaScript block comment /**/ to wrap around the <!-- --> within  the script [BEST Practice], or
Place the <!-- --> tags within quotes so that it is treated by JavaScript as a void operation [sub-optimal and JavaScript linting tools will complain].

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Subject: Issue in validator ?

According to validator, this document has a problem :

<!doctype html>
<script type="text/javascript">
var a = 1;
<!--comment in script with false </script> --> var b = 2; </script> </body> </html>

Error being :
"The text content of element script was not in the required format:
Content contains the character sequence <!-- without a later occurrence of the character sequence -->."

According to your documentation

inner = < any string that doesn't contain a substring that matches not-in-inner >

not-in-inner = comment-close / script-open

So, inside a comment inside a script tag I should not "open" a new script tag. But nothing about closing one... Being into the comment tag, parser should try to find a opening tag or a comment closing tag.

Where am I wrong ? ;o)


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