Re: W3C HTML 5 code generating error

2014-03-11 0:43, George Weilenmann wrote:

> So if I understand this correctly, The Validator is for all intents
> and purposes useless, in regards to HTML5?

I would rather say that it is indispensable to anyone who uses HTML5 

If you are looking for a seal of approval, a nice pat on the back, and a 
Validity Diploma, you will surely be disappointed.

If, on the other hand, you see a validator as a tool for spotting errors 
(and questionable constructs, in some cases), you will find the HTML5 
validators, even with all their shortcomings, very useful. They may flag 
correct constructs as errors, but more than 99 times of 100, the errors 
are real (though they may be practically ignorable).


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