standalone vnu.jar markup checker [was: Validators/ on github]

"Jens O. Meiert" <>, 2014-03-10 18:05 +0200:

> > I was just wondering what happened to the Validators and
> > repositories on the w3c github account. They
> > seem to have disappeared.
> (Links are sometimes useful to reproduce :)
> Do you mean Maybe a temporary glitch, or
> did you refer to something else?

The github w3c/validators and w3c/ repos.

I disabled both of those recently because at this point they're really no
longer being maintained and instead are just causing confusion.

Anyway I've re-enabled them both for now I don't promise they're going to
stay around. The w3c/ repo in particular is very
likely to disappear again soon, and never come back.

For anybody who wants a jar file that provides a standalone version of
the backend, please instead see:

Michael[tm] Smith

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