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> The page contains e.g.
> <meta name="DC.Title" lang="fr" content=" .: Une Cerise au potager -
> &eacute;levage de lapins angoras en Alsace:. " />
> The name DC.title is *not* registered or even mentioned at
> Instead, dcterms.title is, with a reference to
> "Expressing Dublin Core metadata using HTML/XHTML meta and link elements",
> which in turn mentions DC.title but not dcterms.title.

See also

It seems maybe dc.title and dcterms.title might both be acceptable. But I
can't really tell, given how imprecisely those docs are written.

> If there's a mistake here, it has been in the process of defining DC
> things in the wiki, rather than in implementing the wiki table in
> validators.
> I guess you could register DC.title (and similar names) in the wiki,
> with reference to the cited document. 

Yeah, that'd be the thing to do if the goal is to have them recognized by
the validator.

> I don't see why that would be
> useful, since Dublin Core metadata seems to be just write-only code
> on web pages,

Agreed, yeah. I don't see many indications that there are a lot of
applications out there consuming this dc markup in any form.


> but it would solve this technical problem, in due
> time.

Michael[tm] Smith

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