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Hi, David,

How it is one regular expression, i didn't know i should express it in
html. But it make sense.



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On 25 Nov 2012, at 03:07, Otávio R. Rossi  wrote:The attributte "pattern"
is not considerated for W3C Validator Markup.

Yes, it is. 
Look at this exemple>

There are no complaints about the existence of the pattern attribute there.
In this case, the Validator show 3 errors because i use one regular
expression in attribute "pattern", but in this case "&" is not incorrect..
The errors are because you have written a regular expression and then
expressed it in text instead of in HTML. Since you are including it in an
HTML document, you must express it in HTML where the & character means
"Start of a character reference" and needs to be represented as & if
you way to say "ampersand".
-- David Dorward

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