Re: Attribute srcset not allowed on element img at this point.

Ed Palmer <>, 2012-12-17 08:26 -0500:

> Sample document:
> When validating an English Wikipedia page, the error "Attribute srcset not
> allowed on element img at this point" is displayed. This is due to the
> srcset attribute being used to generate alternate images.
> Srcset is not in the live HTML5 specification:
> But is in the living standard:

No support for recognizing srcset at all has been added to the validator.
That's mostly intentional, because as far as I know, there are no browsers
that support it yet. Even if we were to have the validator recognize srcset
at all at this point, it would be just in order to emit a warning message
that basically says, "Don't use the srcset attribute, because it's not
supported by browsers yet."


Michael[tm] Smith

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