Re: Html5 validator bug

17.10.2011 13:47, LEIƒ Ⱨ SIỺI wrote:

> Jukka K. Korpela, Mon, 17 Oct 2011 11:03:16 +0300:
>> 16.10.2011 22:46, Kristjan wrote:
>>> Im using HTML5 doctype
>> There is no HTML5 document type definition, and the <!doctype html>
>> declaration recommended in HTML5 drafts is there just to make
>> browsers go to standards (and not quirks) mode and to inform
>> interested software about the intent of using HTML in the HTML5 way.
> There is a HTML doctype - a "DT":<!DOCTYPE html>.
>        But there is no HTML5 "DTD".
> So the HTML5 doctype declaration is a DTD-less doctype.

Indeed. That’s why I wrote as I did, instead of saying “There is no 
HTML5 doctype,” as I originally meant to. :-)

Technically the string “<!DOCTYPE html>” is called “a DOCTYPE” in the 
HTML5 drafts, thus avoiding an expression like “doctype 
declaration”—since in HTML5, the DOCTYPE is just a magic string and does 
not really declare anything (at least not anything comparable to what 
SGML and XML document type declarations do).

>>> I assume long and shorthand versions should all work.
> I think they do work. But that the HTML5 editor ruled that there is no
> practical use for 2 names for the same attribute.

I was under the impression that this was made in order to avoid problems 
in legacy browsers that might only support the values defined in HTML 4. 
But I was unable to find evidence of such problems, so it seems that it 
was just a canonicalization operation, as you describe.


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