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Problems with Markup Validation

From: Sandra Reinhart <sandrar82@gmx.de>
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2010 14:50:43 +0200
Message-ID: <20100902125043.92310@gmx.net>
To: www-validator@w3.org

I am the webmaster of http://www.frauenportal.net - I have several problems validating our design.

I do not understand the following error:

Line 69, Column 20: document type does not allow element "div" here; missing one of "object", "applet", "map", "iframe", "button", "ins", "del" start-tag

  <div class="logo"></div>


The mentioned element is not allowed to appear in the context in which you've placed it; the other mentioned elements are the only ones that are both allowed there and can contain the element mentioned. This might mean that you need a containing element, or possibly that you've forgotten to close a previous element.

One possible cause for this message is that you have attempted to put a block-level element (such as "<p>" or "<table>") inside an inline element (such as "<a>", "<span>", or "<font>").

Can somebody please help me here?

Thank you!

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