Possibly wrong Validator error about track tag

 The error reported is
 8  67  <track kind=subtitles src=brave.en.srt srclang=en 
 label="English">  Element track not allowed as child of element video in 
 this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)

 but i think it  should be allowed, so i try to put the example provided 
 in the html5 draft about track in a tiny page just for a test, this is 
 the page

 <!DOCTYPE html>
 <html lang='en'>
 <video src="brave.webm">
  <track kind=subtitles src=brave.en.srt srclang=en label="English">
  <track kind=captions src=brave.en.srt srclang=en label="English for 
 the Hard of Hearing">
  <track kind=subtitles src=brave.fr.srt srclang=fr label="Fran├žais">
  <track kind=subtitles src=brave.de.srt srclang=de label="Deutsch">

 and it still give the error in return, so how can the example of the 
 draft be wrong?
 I think the page here above should be able to validate without any 
 error, since the track tag is a child of a media element and it comes 
 before any flow content

 Giorgio Pretto

Received on Friday, 19 November 2010 09:41:31 UTC