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> So, do you know how to improve the situation with all these interactions?
> Frankly, I hope the notification is useful for good part of those, too.
> Have you an explanation where I am wrong in this hope, so that what I am
> asking for makes the situation worse than now? I do not believe you are on
> a position 'do not do any improvement if it does not help me with my problem'.

The problem is that no tool can hope to capture all the places that a class name might be used. So if someone were to try to build one, then it should state very clearly what it is testing, it should not be tightly coupled to the process of markup validation (it might be appropriate at the level of a tool like Unicorn), and it should be off by default (since I've seen enough complaining on the CSS Validator mailing list about warnings for problems that authors don't understand and/or disagree with).

David Dorward

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