Re: 1 element becomes 2

Melody Chamlee wrote:

> I encourage you to continue validating your XHTML docs to make your
> content easier to update and manage in the long run.

Do you have any factual grounds for this (which?), or are you just repeating 
common XHTML propaganda? As we have seen even in this simple case, XHTML 
syntax makes things harder, not simpler.

> A double-display of a closed href sounds like it's a bug in Firefox.

It seems that you don't understand XHTML. Do you know what <a href=""/> 
_means_ in XHTML?

It is _not_ a bug to display it as two tags.

> If what you say is true, it appears Firefox is displaying the syntax
> it expects alongside your link, which it isn't going to fix or remove
> for you, though auto-correcting the tag and spitting it out in the
> source would seem to indicate an intent to debug...

Sorry, but have you _any_ idea of what you are talking about?

To iterate, what does  <a href="" /> mean in your book?


Received on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 22:15:07 UTC