Re: 1 element becomes 2

Hi Hannes,

I encourage you to continue validating your XHTML docs to make your  
content easier to update and manage in the long run.

A double-display of a closed href sounds like it's a bug in Firefox.   
If what you say is true, it appears Firefox is displaying the syntax  
it expects alongside your link, which it isn't going to fix or remove  
for you, though auto-correcting the tag and spitting it out in the  
source would seem to indicate an intent to debug...

I have found of all browsers, Firefox is the most logical in its  
expectations and therefore the easiest to learn from in  
experimentation.  From there it's often easier to go back and tweak  
the site to become usable in IE, Safari, etc.  Makes it easier to  
decide how much compliance I am willing to give up in exchange for a  
smoother display in other browsers.

Check out the Acid Test for more information on how browsers, like  
people, aren't perfect.


> Hannes Kirsman wrote:
>> is this a bug of firefox or w3c validator?
>> I have <a href="" /> tag
>> and firefox shows 2 a tags.
>> W3C validator says all is ok.

Received on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 21:38:48 UTC