Re: removing w3c logos from distributed versions of validators/link checker

On Thursday 19 March 2009, olivier Thereaux wrote:

> After a long discussion with w3c-legal, I would like to suggest the
> following conclusions:
> I started changes to that effect in the link checker today. Ville,
> would you be able to review the changes and tell me if you think they
> make sense?

There are a few things I'd like to see done/clarified:

1) docs/checklink.html still has a reference 
to ../images/valid_icons/valid-xhtml10-blue.png.  Maybe get rid of the whole 
validity badge there?  Or use an absolute URL to the one on

2) images/w3c.png still exists in CVS, and bin/checklink and 
docs/checklink.html still refer to it instead of no_w3c.png.  The easiest 
solution would seem to be to overwrite images/w3c.png with the current 
images/no_w3c.png (and revert the related changes to MANIFEST and SIGNATURE).  
On the other hand this will lead to local installations displaying the online 
w3c.png which is the "real" W3C logo by default - IIUC this was not 
desirable.  Another solution would be to change bin/checklink and 
docs/checklink.html in CVS to refer to no_w3c.png, and customize the version 
running on official validator servers to refer to w3c.png instead (or to make 
sure no_w3c.png is actually the real w3c.png there).  This way images/w3c.png 
could stay in CVS, it'd just not end up in the dist tarball.

3) images/no_w3c.png is missing from MANIFEST and SIGNATURE, but fixing this 
depends on how 2) above is solved (and SIGNATURE will be autogenerated 
anyway, no need to modify it except when finalizing a release).

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