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W3C validator accessed by WML and XHTML-MP mobile phones.

From: Dr.Strangelove <Dr.Strangelove@vodafone.net.nz>
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2009 13:50:19 +1300
Message-ID: <49ADD04B.4010206@vodafone.net.nz>
To: www-validator@w3.org
Dear W3C,

I apologize if this topical has been consider elsewhere or I am raising 
a topic which should be addressed elsewhere.

Is there any merit or thoughts on the benefits of being able to access 
the W3C validator via a mobile phone?
Not so much the iPhone over Wifi, I'm thinking about all the GSM, GPRS 
and CDMA mobile phones using their native browsers which  'pay'  for 
their bandwidth.
I'm considering the WML and XHTML-MP 1.2 markup as an access document 
type with mobile best practice content sent to the mobile phone.

Is the current complexities and diaignostics requirements of the W3C 
validation service and the content returned, beyond the realistic 
capabilities of a mobile phone circa 2004/2005 using a native browser.

Is it seen that the God of downloadable mobile browsers in the form of 
Opera Mini 4.2, sufficient to meet the requirements of nearly all mobile 
phones and that any mobile bespoke access module would only have a 
limited audience and out weight any development cost/time. (~25KB to 
validate a document from start to finish on Opera Mini 4.2)

Compare this to loading a bespoke css and xhtml-mp validation front-end 
document (including HTTP headers) to check the validation of one 
document and the data used may be the same or even more.

However there may be a case for WML which could maintain a minimal data 
footprint and despite WML fading from mainstream use,
can still account for the majority of mobile traffic from emerging nations.

What would be key for a mobile phone client wishing to access W3C 
validation and still make the service functional?

I would be interest in the thoughts of the W3C validation community on 
this topic.

Tom Rush
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