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On Tue, 09 Sep 2008 22:25:06 +0100, Jukka K. Korpela <>  

>> In any case, it's not really up to you
>> (or me) to decide how other people's pages should look.
> Yet you decided that the validity icon occupies a small area.

The icon has 88x31 pixels. Compared to any common desktop resolution, that  
is objectively "a small area". It's approximately 0.3% of the area of a  
1024x768 screen. So yes, I "decided that it occupies a small area" based  
on my ability to do basic arithmetic.

>> It's really not up to you (or me) to decide what each site owner
>> considers "more important on the global and historical scale".
> Yet you promoted the idea of showing the validity icon, among the  
> 1,000,000 or more icons that might be shown.

No, I never did. Maybe you're confusing me with someone else. I simply  
said that showing the icon was a "political" matter (to make a statement),  
and not to "let visitors validate your site", as was being suggested by  
Michael Adams. The validator (the development tool) and the validator  
icons are different things.

Some people like to display icons (or wear t-shirts, etc.) to show their  
support or affiliation with a particular project, ideology, artist, etc..  
When one of those persons (Ivan Srdanov) posts on an official forum or  
mailing list related with one of those projects (W3C Validator), asking if  
it's okay to use a modified version of the project's logo, I find it  
extremely counter-productive to see other readers ignore his question and  
instead post considerations about his website's design or his personal  
motivations. That is not the kind of attitude that will make users of the  
validator feel welcome in this mailing list.

> Do I get it right when I conjecture that you
> ran out of rational arguments?

I've certainly ran out of time or patience to read your messages (which  
aren't even relevant to the original question or to the way the validator  
works). If you have some problem with the W3C providing people with  
official logos and icons, please address your complaints directly to them.


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