Re: Add Subject Here - Validation icons

Rui del-Negro wrote:

> In any case, it's not really up to you
> (or me) to decide how other people's pages should look.

Yet you decided that the validity icon occupies a small area.

> It's really not up to you (or me) to decide what each site owner
> considers "more important on the global and historical scale".

Yet you promoted the idea of showing the validity icon, among the 1,000,000 
or more icons that might be shown.

Do I get it right when I conjecture that you ran out of rational arguments?

> I'm just making the point that saying "visitors don't want to validate
> your site" is missing the point.

You made many other claims as well. And saying so is correct anyway.

> The point of having some icons on your page (be
> they for the validator or your favourite rock band or political
> movement or anything else) is to make a statement that you (the
> page's author) finds relevant.

So why would it be relevant to propagate adherence to some syntactic 

>> Why would that matter, to someone authoring web pages,
>> or to web site visitors, or anyone else?
> Is that a philosophical question?

No, a most practical one. Do you have a practical reason to spend screen 
real estate to claim that your page is valid (which is just gibberish to 
most visitors)?


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