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On Tue, 09 Sep 2008 09:36:30 +0100, Michael Adams  
<> wrote:
>> > Yes you are proud of your achievement, but visitors are there for
>> > the content, not to validate your page. And if they do wish to
>> > validate your page they can do so without the silly icon. Really
>> > isn't the validator a developer tool, not a web surfers tool?
>> I think you are missing the point of displaying a valid / validation
>> icon  on a website. It's not about showing that you know how to create
>> valid  code, and it's not about letting people validate your pages.
>> It's about dedicating a small area of your page to promoting the idea
>> of  web standards and interoperability. [...] It's an educational or
>> even political thing; it's not a technical thing.

> Whereas i use it as a technical thing, mainly based on the tick on the
> right hand end of the Web Developer Toolbar addon to firefox but when i
> am troubled i validate properly.

No, again you're missing the point. The _validator_ is a technical thing.  
The W3C "valid" _icon_ is a political thing. It's like wearing a pin  
saying "save the whales". Wearing the pin doesn't actually save any  
whales, it's there just to make people aware of the issue. The fact that  
the icon is _also_ a link to the W3 site (or the validator) is just to  
make it easier for people to understand what the concept is and how easy  
it is to implement.


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