Re: universal web site programming.

Greg Sabin wrote:
>  Ok, is their any kind of web site programming, that is universal to all 
> browsers that may be used on all currently used operating systems ?
The only editing tool I'm aware of that will produce good clean (x)html 
code, that passes validation, that does not include a lot of surplus 
information on pages, and works for all operating systems is.....

..... a plain text editor.
You can aim a but higher, and get a plain text editor that does "syntax 
highlighting" - but the best way to produce clean & lean pages is to 
craft them yourself.

If you want clean, lean, and lookin' good.... be an artist too :-)

(none of the Integrated Development Environments [frontpage, 
Dreamweaver, Amaya, etc] will come close to well-crafted, hand-written code.


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Received on Monday, 5 May 2008 15:04:44 UTC