Re: Yahoo! sucks! bigtime!

I could of told you yahoo suckes, oh about 5 years ago, sucked then, still sucks now, go figure. lol

Ian Stuart <> wrote:  
Gus Harshbarger wrote:
> The page has no errors. I host 
> through Yahoo and they apply a tracker to my page. The only errors that 
> come up when I try to validate are from the yahoo code. Please advise, 
Don't host through Yahoo?

If the problems are solely from Yahoo! generated code, you can't do much 
about it.

If the code is your code, which is valid when you cut'n'paste it in, but 
invalid when tested directly, the validator is not being sent the same 
text that you are seeing (eg, there is some form of "browser sniffing" 
going on)


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