Re: [VE][73] Empty <select></select>

On 7 Mar 2008, at 00:41, Ezekiel Victor wrote:

> Error [73]: "end tag for X which is not finished"
> I am getting the above error when attempting to use empty <select></ 
> select> boxes in XHTML Strict. I believe this sort of thing should  
> be considered valid XHTML Strict

What you believe is of no consequence to the validator, which tells  
you what
is valid, but doesn't decide anything.  An HTML working group would  
be the
place to propose changes to the standard.

To achieve what you want, you could use a custom DTD.  Or you could  
your approach.  For example, since the <select> element is presumably  
to be populated by a script, use script to generate it in the first  
place (and of
course add a pre-populated version in the corresponding <noscript>).

Nick Kew

Received on Friday, 7 March 2008 04:59:39 UTC