[VE][73] Empty <select></select>

Error [73]: "end tag for X which is not finished"

I am getting the above error when attempting to use empty 
<select></select> boxes in XHTML Strict. I believe this sort of thing 
should be considered valid XHTML Strict because there are certain 
applications in which it is desirable to either start out with an empty 
<select> or at least have it become empty at some course over the 
application. This appeared in a form I was designing where a user could 
add or remove options from the <select> at any time. It initializes with 
no items and thus triggers the XHTML Strict invalid notice.

- Ezekiel Victor - evictor@ezekielvictor.com -

Received on Friday, 7 March 2008 04:33:20 UTC