Re: [VE][76] This message is preceded by nine useless messages

On 1-Jul-08, at 12:46 AM, R.W. Crowl wrote:

>> Validating
>> Error [76]: "element X undefined"
> My problem is not with this error message; it seems to be adequate  
> to the task.
> Rather my problem is with the wasted effort and information with the  
> preceding nine error messages that provide no actionable information  
> because the problem lies with the element reported in this message.  
> Of course there's no attribute X for an element that doesn't exist!  
> Don't waste my time.

This is indeed a usability issue, that comes from the underlying  
parser, opensp.

I would love an option to filter out unknown attribute errors for an  
unknown element. I'd make it a default, actually: if <foo> is unknown,  
then of course for <foo bar="quz" ...> bar will be an unknown  
attribute and quz an illegal attribute value - but it's useless info.

Openjade folks, is this something that has been considered before?  
Would it be hard to implement?


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