[VE][76] This message is preceded by nine useless messages

> Validating http://www.jtbusa.com/en/default.asp
> Error [76]: "element X undefined"

My problem is not with this error message; it seems to be adequate to the 

Rather my problem is with the wasted effort and information with the 
preceding nine error messages that provide no actionable information because 
the problem lies with the element reported in this message. Of course 
there's no attribute X for an element that doesn't exist! Don't waste my 
time. It may even confuse other users who aren't so familiar with the 
validator or even the process of validation of code (compilers, etc.).

It even violates the general principle of cascading error messages, i.e., 
that the reported problem may be caused by a preceding error that confuses 
the error recovery system. In this instance it's impossible to fix a 
previously reported error because the error isn't reported until after the 
useless message.

While there will always be issues and arguments about proper error reporting 
and recovery, this one seems simple. Give me the actionable error only and 
ignore the others that we all know will automatically go away when the first 
is fixed. Skip to the next element and continue parsing.

R. W Crowl 

Received on Tuesday, 1 July 2008 04:55:18 UTC