Re: AUTOCOMPLETE=off is now a valid tag for input tags

olivier Thereaux wrote:
> it is a venture into the realm of nonstandard, nevertheless.

It's also a way to get rid of errors and warnings you're determined
to ignore.  The X in XHTML is supposed to mean eXtensible.

> Custom DTDs are fun and fine if used by people who know what
> they're doing

That's true for any DTD.  Likewise if I look for syntax errors
in a Javascript I better don't use a syntax checker for C or v.v.

> in the hands of the everyday web author, it does more harm than
> good to the quality and iteroperability of the Web.

Using <embed> (or <applet>) instead of or in addition to <object>
isn't too harmful, doing it at all can be questionable.  If some
IE folks think that say security="restricted" helps with <iframe>
let them check it out, and obviously they wouldn't be interested
in "security is undefined" errors reflecting the state of the art
for HTML 4.  If they don't publish a DTD for it it's their fault.


Received on Saturday, 19 January 2008 09:34:45 UTC