HTML5 parser integrated in W3C Markup Validator

Dear all,

as part of an effort to promote the current work on HTML to web  
developers, I've been working lately on integrating the W3C Markup  
Validator with the HTML5 parser and checker developed over the past  
few years by Henri Sivonen. Thanks to's well documented  
API and Henri's helpful cooperation I managed to integrate the two  
tools fairly seamlessly. The result of that work is in CVS, and  
testable on the dev instance of the validator:

Test with a "random" HTML5 page:

Test of error display:;ss

(Note - the "revalidate" feature is broken on that dev server,  
apparently due to a bug in the latest version of libwww-perl. We're  
looking into that.)

The HTML5 parsing is triggered (for now) by these two cases:
* if the user selects "HTML5" in the doctype dropdown in the options

* if the document contains the pseudo doctype declaration
  <!DOCTYPE html> ->

More triggers are likely to be added later.

This integration should hopefully provide more visibility to HTML5 and  
to the tool: gets about a million  
validations a day and if only a fraction of it looks into the HTML5  
option that will provide some useful additional testing grounds. In  
the meantime, bug reports (or patches!) on how the integration of the  
two tools have been made would be welcome, either on the www-validator  
list, or on the bugzilla:
Please do check for existing reports before you do:

Thank you,

Received on Monday, 25 August 2008 21:33:03 UTC