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Frank Ellermann wrote:

> Andreas Prilop wrote:
> > Please explain what *you* mean by "Latin-1".
> ECMA 94 2nd ed. G0 + G1 with Latin alphabet #1 in G1 and
> ECMA 48 5th ed. C0 + C1.   

I found the ECMA tie-in to ISO 8859-1 Latin-1, dated March 85 and June

Though not the definitive authority, i get this from that page. There
are two encodings: "ISO 8859-1" and "ISO-8859-1" note the hyphen versus
space after ISO. I also see this, perhaps surprising, paragraph which is
a little thin on references for it's claims:

*** quote ***
ISO-8859-1 is (according to the standards at least) the default encoding
of documents delivered via HTTP with a MIME type beginning with "text/".
It is the default encoding of the values of certain descriptive HTTP
headers, and is the standard encoding used by the X Window System on
most Unix machines in locales which use that character set. It was also
the basis of the repertoire of characters allowed in HTML 3.2 documents
(HTML 4.0, however, is based on Unicode).
*** end quote ***

Note the ISO-8859-1 quoted above is not the ECMA encoding but the latter
one. In reality i do not know if this adds enlightenment or shows me up
as a waste of space ;) I merely wanted to acquaint myself with the
issues being debated here to see what the fuss is about.


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