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On Tue, 29 Apr 2008 14:59:08 -0700 (PDT)
Greg Sabin wrote:

> Thank every one for your help.
> I would like to be able to build a web site, that will not have a lot
> of errors in it and or jam up peoples browsers.
> I would like to have a cool web site that looks good, But it would
> seem that if I go to upload programming or host on my own server, that
> programs like frontpage will not work since I need the web site
> programming they would sit on.

Frontpage will not work as it is definately *not* standards compliant.

> I of course run into the same problems as every one eilse, so even if
> i use a program that makes no mistakes to just make pages, then I
> still can not fix the base code in the hosted web site since it is on
> some one eilses system [ example office live web sites ]

Free hosted websites may add code to your pages. Usually this code is
not standards compliant. But if you pay for hosting you can expect only
your code on your webpages, an administration interface like CPanel and
paid support.

> so now I know you can do really cool stuff in dream weaver, wont that
> just make pages, and like sea monkey if that makes a entire site, will
> it accept programming from sources like dream weaver.

Seamonkey, NVu and KompoZer (released in that order) will change or
delete code imported from elsewhere but are free OSS. Dreamweaver costs

> So I am looking at either upload and host at a server center or run my
> own server. but in either case I should start with programs that will
> not goof up the programming.
> but their are so many programs to choose from.
> so I'm guessing sea monkey and dream waever must be good then, for
> members of this forum to give them referal.

I have not recommended any of these, my recommendation for good
Standards Compliant code would be Amaya. The more you want to do however
the more hand coding will be necessary in any environment.

> Now I did build a server with server 2008 in it from the microsoft
> confrance I attended, but it is going to be a internal network server
> now im being told by members of microsoft, that as a stand alone
> network server I should firewall it from the internet as follows :

This question is absolutely not relevant on this list. I am surprised
that the rest of the discussion has got this far without being pinged.

Can someone recommend a better forum for beginner questions re web
design, i never used any mailing-lists when starting out, though i am in
css-d and nzphpug now, but i feel neither is appropriate for Greg.

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