installing validator on windows xp


I am having some problems installing the validator(v0.81) on windows XP.

I think I have every thing (including Apache) installed correctly except 
the required perl modules. I have used the and unzipped them to 
C:\www\ppm but for some reason when I open up the GUI and go through the 
"preferences dialogue (Edit -> Preferences ->  Repositories)..." steps 
it does not seem to install each of the pm modules. After several 
attempts I ended up browsing to the validator page and clicked "Check" 
but got the obvious errors. I found I was able to manually add some of 
the modules based on the error messages, but this only worked for some 
of them.

I wonder if there is some thing obvious that I have missed here or if 
there is perhaps another/better method of installing the modules?
Any one on the list here have any tips for this windows install?

Any help appreciated.

Dean Edridge

Received on Friday, 28 September 2007 11:54:49 UTC