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What about Gzip compression of the soap output? :)

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On 9/28/07, Gmail Directeur <> wrote:
> Hi W3C folks,
> I'd like to thank you for the W3 markup validator API,
> and wanted to give you some of my humble suggestions.
> 1) It would be nice, IMHO, to include in the headers some
> information about caching, like "Last-Modified" and "ETag"
> headers, in order to reduce the charge on the W3C validator
> servers. We won't ask the server to send the xml answer
> if it says that it wasn't changed sine a given date.
> That would be doable, I think, by looking at the headers
> of page being validated.
> 2) In the SOAP answer, it would be better, IMHO, to have
> an XML content of the "m:explanation" tag. Not plain HTML
> so the api consumer could use these data as it would.
> P.S. Sometimes, when i query the validator with output=soap12,
> the server doesn't answer. Which is the case right now.
> P.P.S It would be also, wonderful if you publish a list of the
> websites that have the validator installed on them, so
> that a soap app can query randomly one server among
> a list of well known servers and thus reduce the charge on
> the W3C server.
> Thanks again :)
> Karim
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