Re: Notes on validome test suite / validators comparison


On Oct 20, 2007, at 23:22 , Frank Ellermann wrote:
> When I try to validate <> at your site
> I get the same incorrect "valid" result as with the W3C validator.
> For the W3C validator I know that it can't (yet) check URI syntax,
> but it's disappointing that your validator also fails.  Is than an
> issue in the "XHTML 1.0 transitional" schema or in your code ?

I'm curious as to why you so adamantly want to ban non-ascii IRIs  
from HTML?

More on this later, but from what I am gathering from the experts,  
given the spirit of the specs (written before IDNs and IRIs) and the  
level of support for IDNs, barking at IRIs in href and src would be  
counterproductive for the internationalization of the web.


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